About ME

I’m Syed Ehtisham Munir an entrepreneur and a public speaker. I’m a digital marketer and Search Engine Optimizer.

With over 6+ years of full-time SEO experience. I have led SEO campaigns for a number of major retailers and brands in different niches including healthcare, beauty, insurance, fashion, pets, retail & eCommerce, b2b, SaaS, technology, travel, and more.

Throughout my career, I have helped hundreds of companies achieve significant growth in organic traffic, keyword rankings, leads, and, most importantly, revenue.

I founded different companies including the 6C Marketing agency, Arabian Tourism & Advisor Dog.

Here’s a little bit of background about my career:

That’s How I Started:

I started working at my early school age, due to some financial crisis and I don’t like to ask for pocket money from my parents.

I was a tech guy from the start. At my school time in 2008, I developed some notepad virus which turns the computer off on my school labs. That little wickedness drags me to the IT industry. I started to learn more about technology at the same time I used to draw sketches on the drawing pad. I always have questions and eager to learn more about different industries as it was my hobby and passion at the same time.

In my school time, I learned skills like photoshop, web designs, SQLi ( I became a defacer).

In 2012 I saw a board of a software house which was in URDU Language. Its English translation is

“Learn & Earn at the same time”

As I was in need of money and IT was my profession. I gave an interview at a very young age, and the interviewers laughed at me why you are here? Did you run from school or what?

They asked me what I knew about computers? That question confused me as it was a very open question they asked if I knew how to play games or watch movies. Then I told them apart from these fun times I knew about Photoshop, Web Design (HTML, CSS) & also networking.

I got selected with a salary of 10,000 /rs. That was a pretty good amount. I Learned the word SEO and saw how search engine working in 2012 and from that day i started to read, learn and start execution about SEO.

I left the job after an year and started my college I used to work on cafeteria after my college and at night I provide SEO service as a freelancer.

From 2014, I completely jumped in to IT Field.

I worked for different posts and for different companies.

There are a lot more i did in past, So i don’t want you to get bored after reading about me.

So here are my social profiles